Managing Risk

Not everything in life is as idyllic as we would like it to be.  The increasing pace and never ending nature of change means that managing risk has now become a business necessity.  A Boughey Pty Ltd (ABPL) can provide the framework for the development of an effective action plan that will decrease the level of risk and add value to your business operations.

We are committed to working closely with your business to ensure that all significant potential threats and risks (including opportunities) are systematically identified and analysed to determine action plan priority. All appropriate treatments are carefully considered with the risk management program providing optimum results for your organisation in terms of reducing costs and securing positive business outcomes.

The major focus of ABPL’s services is the identification and analysis of risks from a business perspective.  We will work with you to develop and implement a process-based approach that integrates all areas of your organisation.  This involves developing an understanding of your goals, business strategy, organisation, key business issues and critical success factors.

Integrated Approach

Our risk management programs follow the general process as laid out in the Australian Standard for Risk Management AS/NZS 4360:2004.  With this approach risk management is used as a strategic tool to develop new opportunities for your business, extending way beyond the traditional risk management focus on minimising losses.

At the conclusion of the program, our clients receive a full report containing the methodology adopted, all working papers, risk profiles, suggested treatments and action plans.  ABPL aims to provide its clients with a full risk management planning document, which can be utilised in the business planning activities.

In implementing our programs, ABPL carries out a systematic review of management policies, practices and procedures before moving to the tasks of identifying, analysing, assessing, treating and monitoring risk.  These tasks are usually completed in distinct phases.  Where appropriate ABPL can carry out one or more of these phases to complement in-house skills or work with other processes in place.

A Boughey Pty Ltd offer the following Risk Management Programs:

  • Project Risk Management
  • Business Planning and Quality Assurance
  • Training and Development
  • Monitor and Review
  • Documentation & Legislation
  • Risk Information Management
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